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Are you surprised to learn that Anger is a completely normal healthy human emotion that we all experience from time to time? It’s also a very powerful emotion – and it has a purpose. If you find yourself ‘losing it’ when you become angry it doesn’t necessarily mean you have an anger management problem. If it’s happening regularly there could be an underlying issue that needs to be explored.  Northern Frontiers Counselling Cairns’ Anger Management Action Plan can assist individuals who would like to undertake behavioural change with regards to their anger management.

One of the functions of Anger is to alert us to situations that are not quite right for us and need our attention. Everyday life issues can trigger our Anger. The car not starting; kids not doing as they’re told; arguing with a loved one; job-hunting, inconsiderate drivers or being hit with an over-payment – any of these events may leave us feeling angry.

It May Not Surprise You To Hear That Anger Has A Bad Rap!

Problems arise when we don’t manage ourselves well when we’re under the influence of anger.

The way we choose to act can either help or harm us.  The human body is not designed to tolerate anger indefinitely. Letting anger-related issues go unresolved can lead to serious problems.

A pattern of angry outbursts or erratic behaviour Struggling to remain calm in discussions or negotiations

Becoming violent under the influence of alcohol

Repeatedly blaming others when it is not their fault

Frequent substance abuse

Using absolutes: “Everyone hates me.” “You never listen to me.”

Obsessing about things: “I should be doing better.” ”You should be doing more…”

Difficulty expressing emotions in a calm manner

Ignoring requests to speak about Anger

Withdrawing from loved ones

Because everyone’s life experiences and reasons for becoming angry may differ, Northern Frontiers Counselling Cairns offers an individualised (delivered 1-on-1) Anger Management Action Plan. The program consists of 8 (eight) weekly sessions with an experienced counsellor. Your needs will be carefully assessed and evaluated for the purpose of developing an Action Plan that may also involve referral to other specialist services.


Overview of Sessions
* 8 Week Anger Management Action Plan
* Sessions last for up to 50 minutes and cost $140.00 (including GST) per session. A 10% discount applies when paying
for all eight (8) sessions prior to commencement of the program that must be completed within 8 weeks.  The 8 week service can be completed in a shorter period by prior arrangement.  Ask us how.
Session Topics Duration Cost
1 Needs Assessment and Evaluation (exploration of the cause/s of your Anger) 50 mins $140.00
2 Education around the nature of Anger 50 mins $140.00
3 A List of Problems (identified by you with your Counsellor) 50 mins $140.00
4 Your Goals and Objectives 50 mins $140.00
5 An Actions List (things you must do) 50 mins $140.00
6 A Record of Progress (recorded by your Counsellor) 50 mins $140.00
7 Regular Review of your Action Plan (by your Counsellor) 50 mins $140.00
8 A Maintenance Plan (developed by you and your Counsellor) 50 mins $140.00


* A 10% discount applies when paying for all eight (8) sessions prior to commencement of the programme.  Total programme cost then becomes $1,018.20 (including GST) instead of $1,120.00.  Participants have 3 months to complete the programme.

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