Child & Teenager Counselling
T here’s no denying that life can certainly be challenging at times. Even when children and young people enjoy the comfort and security of a loving home environment they may need extra support in coping with certain life situations.
Just like adults, young people experience an array of powerful emotions such as anger, confusion and frustration that may leave them feeling overwhelmed or bewildered. Young children in particular often struggle to verbalise their feelings so they tend to ‘act out’ which makes parenting more difficult.

Likewise, the teenage years are fraught with a multitude of physical, psychological and emotional changes. For most of us this transitional period can be challenging enough on its own, so when life throws us a hard ball the journey to adulthood can feel overwhelming.
Whether you’re a parent/care-provider, child or young person you don’t have to go it alone.

At Northern Frontiers our counsellors can assist children and teenagers to manage their behaviour in ways that will ease emotional distress and help them get their needs met without harming themselves or others. Parents and care-providers can learn how to recognise indicators of emotional distress and develop positive ways of coping. Family harmony can be restored.

Listening For Understanding Is The Key To Improved Communication…

Northern Frontiers’ Senior Counsellor, Melinda Bailey, has 20+ years marriage and relationship counselling experience across a broad range of life issues and specialises in helping couples deal with a variety of marriage and relationship issues. Melinda uses a therapeutic model called Emotion Focused Couples Therapy in which partners are invited to consider what they need to be content in their marriage or relationship. We all have our own unique set of needs. When they are met to our satisfaction we feel content and seek to remain with the person who is meeting them. When our needs are not being met to our satisfaction we experience a range of powerfully unpleasant emotions that eventually cause us to consider going outside the marriage or relationship to have them met.

In marriage or relationship counselling partners learn to respectfully talk to each other about their individual needs and how they might best be met. They also learn how to listen for understanding…in this way the human tendency to assume we already know what our partner needs is removed…


Typical child and teenager (approximately 5 – 20 years) issues that a counsellor can assist with include:

Adjusting to family separation

Blended family issues

Sibling conflict

Loss of friends or family members

Body image issues

Poor self-esteem

Child-parent communication

Coping with family/parental conflict

Peer pressure

Self-harm or suicidal ideation

Stress associated with school work/exams

Bullying – online and in-person

Anxiety and depression


If you or your loved one is facing a difficult situation – or you feel troubled and are not sure why, contact Northern Frontiers today. Help is only a phone call away.


Individual counselling sessions are $110.
Group sessions (2-3 people) are $130.

Confidentiality is assured except when information received requires notification to relevant authorities to protect someone from harm. Your counsellor will outline the limits of confidentiality during your first session.

Flexible Appointment Times:

For your convenience Northern Frontiers offers appointments from 7.30am – 4pm weekdays and from 8:30am Sundays – which means there’s no need to disrupt your work/life schedule. Out of hours appointments tend to fill fast so please book early to avoid disappointment. Booking is easy – simply call 1300 90 81 70 or email:

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