Effective Discipline Programme

Northern Frontiers Counselling Cairns offers a four-session educational counselling program for parents and care-providers. Our Senior Counsellor and Parenting Consultant, Melinda Bailey, believes the foundation of effective parenting is Trust and Respect. Melinda takes a practical, protective approach to discipline – one which involves asking questions about techniques used in the home and actively counselling parents and care-providers about the purpose of discipline, whilst discouraging all forms of physical punishment and emotional abuse.

Programme Outline

Intake and Assessment

• Family details including age and developmental stage of each child.
• What is the parent’s understanding of and attitude towards discipline?
• Parenting style.
• What types of discipline are used by the parent?
• Difficulties arising from disciplinary action used by the parent?
• Is the parent experiencing any life stressors and if so, how are they managed?

Defining Discipline:

Discipline can be seen as a process whereby parents and other care-providers impart knowledge and provide behavioural guidance by setting limits and imposing consequences.  This assists in providing the foundation for self-control by the child.  Discipline is often confused with punishment and control by the parent/care-provider, however, there are critical differences that should be recognised.

Characteristics of Effective Discipline

  • Carried out by an adult who has a close bond with the child
  • Age and developmentally-appropriate
  • Timely – carried out at the time of the act requiring change
  • Understood and considered fair by the child
  • Enhancing – conducive to self-discipline by the child

Reasonable Rules and Realistic Consequences

• Knowledge of age-appropriate behaviours and developmental needs
• Make age-appropriate statements of achievable behaviours
• Frequent positive reinforcement of desired behaviours
• Make allowances for individuality and temperament
• Mean what you say – enforce consequences
• Be consistent and avoid arguing with the child
• Importance of being a good role model
• Prioritise rules – Safety first (the child’s/parent’s/other people and animals/property)

Types of Discipline

• Reasoning – anticipate and prevent undesirable behaviour
• Physical punishment – associated with negative child outcomes – parents to take time out before returning to discipline the child using non-violent means
• Tailored Discipline – Infants and Toddlers – Toddlers to School Age – Adolescents
• Review

* Sessions last for 50 minutes and cost $110 for 1 attendee or $130 for two attendees, per session. 10% discount applies when paying for all 4 sessions at once prior to programme commencement.

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