Mediation Services

Family Law Mediation Process


Family Law Mediation is a structured dispute resolution process facilitated by a neutral third party (the Mediator). The Mediator is fully accredited with the Attorney General’s Department and is therefore authorised to offer family law mediation and issue s60i certificates where appropriate. Before mediation can begin the Mediator must assess whether a matter is appropriate for mediation. Assessment is ongoing beginning with the Intake and Assessment Sessions. If a matter is assessed as appropriate for mediation both parties will be asked to complete the Preparing to Mediate Session. A mutually-agreed time and date will then be set for the first mediation session.

Northern Frontiers offers child-focused and child-inclusive mediation. A Family Consultant is available to ‘give your child a voice’ throughout the mediation process and in so doing inform parental decision-making. The Mediator may recommend the services of a Child Consultant at any stage of the mediation process – particularly if parties disagree on what is in the best interest of their child. Dual parental consent is required to engage a Child Consultant. 

If full or partial agreement is reached the Mediator will record the agreement and forward it to each party for review. Parties are strongly advised to seek advice from a family law lawyer before, during and after mediation.