Family Violence Awareness

The Family Violence Awareness Program at Northern Frontiers Counselling Cairns is a primary intervention designed to engage individuals who use abusive behaviours in their intimate and family relationships.

Domestic violence consists of a range of controlling behaviours inflicted on a victim resulting in physical, psychological or sexual harm, social isolation and/or financial deprivation causing the victim to live in fear . . .

Northern Frontiers Counselling Cairns’ Family Violence Awareness Program is both educational and motivational with a strong focus on the nature and impact of family violence on individuals; relationships, children and other vulnerable people. The program is offered in a structured individual counselling format to maximise opportunity for self-reflection and core awareness building. Service delivery is flexible to accommodate the needs of people living or working in remote locations. Participants may attend voluntarily or via a process of being court mandated.


The Family Violence Awareness Program is an 8-week programme designed to meet the needs of individuals in the pre-contemplative or contemplative stage of behaviour change in preparation for ongoing long-term rehabilitation.

Participation may be made a condition of a court order or a temporary order. For example, a Magistrate recently requested information about domestic violence awareness programs in Far North Queensland. The defendant’s lawyer contacted Northern Frontiers Counselling Cairns and was provided with an overview of the Family Violence Awareness Program. The Magistrate directed the offender to attend the 8-week program and pay all associated costs prior to the next court date.

In accordance with best practice the Family Violence Awareness Program offers a consistent and thorough focus on the safety of victims and their dependants who are considered the primary clients – making it particularly relevant to child safety services.

A participant Progress Report or Completion Report can be provided free of charge.

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