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Pre-Marriage Counselling

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Making a lifelong commitment is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life, but it can also be one of the most daunting. Pre-Marriage Counselling helps partners understand their own and each other’s needs and expectations. Understanding each other in this way at the start of your marriage can ensure love lasts a lifetime.

Northern Frontiers’ Senior Counsellor, Melinda Bailey, uses a therapeutic approach known as Emotion Focused Couples Therapy to invite partners to learn more about their own and each others' emotional needs. These may include the need for:


• Affection
• Openness and Honesty
• Admiration
• Sexual Fulfilment
• Intimate Conversation


• Family Commitment
• Financial Support
• Physical Attractiveness
• Recreational Companionship
• Domestic Support

Couples rank their needs in order of priority i.e. Low/Moderate/High. They learn about the nature of human emotional need and what it's feels like to live with unmet needs (i.e. distressed/frustrated/angry/discontent/resentful). The benefits of knowing and meeting each other’s needs (i.e. close bonding/staying in love) are highlighted. In this way couples gain valuable insight into their own needs as well as those of their partner and give their relationship the best possible start.

Melinda calls the end result a couples' blueprint to keeping each other happy and explains that, because people are not mind-readers, clear honest communication is vital in order to avoid making assumptions about our partner’s needs.

Couples also learn how to actively listen for understanding by engaging in an activity called the Imago Dialogue.

Sessions typically last for 50 minutes and weekend appointments are reserved for couples.

2019 Fees:

Intake & Assessment session $40

Individual session $110

Joint session $130

Flexible Appointment Times: From 7.30am - 4pm weekdays and from 8:30 Sundays - which means there's no need to disrupt your work/life schedule. Out of hours appointments tend to fill fast so please book early to avoid disappointment. Simply call 1300 90 81 70 or email: