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Parent-Adult Child Counselling


You might be surprised to learn that most parent-adult child relationships involve a degree of tension or even periods of separation and withdrawal from one another. Because it’s one of the longest lasting of human ties, it’s perhaps reasonable to expect some rocky patches along the way. But how do you cope with the oftentimes intense emotional response to parent-child conflict? And perhaps more importantly how do you reconnect with your loved one? Avoidance just doesn’t seem to be working – in fact it’s probably making things worse.


I had a massive fallout with Mum and Dad – we didn’t talk for months. It was really distracting but I knew things couldn’t go on the way they were. Counselling helped me reconnect with them. Our relationship is in a much healthier place now. I get where they’re coming from…and when I tell them how I feel they seem to understand. It wasn’t like that before we got help…(Adult son)

After our first grandchild was born our son seemed to pull away from us…things just went from bad to worse…then he told us not to call. We were devastated. A friend suggested counselling…it was such a relief to hear that what we were experiencing is quite normal…it’s early days yet but we’re having positive conversations…(first-time grandparents)

At Northern Frontiers our trained counsellors are experienced in analysing family tensions and identifying strategies that help parents and adult children manage relationship tensions. Counselling can teach you how to listen for understanding and gain awareness of your own expectations and viewpoints as well as those of your loved one. It can help you appreciate the benefits of seeking win/win solutions when problems arise (and they invariably will). In short, counselling offers opportunities for personal growth and relationship repair and strengthening through understanding and respecting each other’s viewpoint.  

Northern Frontiers’ Parent-Adult Counselling Service typically assists with issues such as:

  • Transitioning through family stages –children becoming parents – parents becoming grandparents

  • Inheritance and bequest issues

  • Improving communication – how it differs once children become adults

  • Establishing and maintaining respectful boundaries

  • Understanding the reason/s for parent-adult child disconnection

  • Accommodating each other’s needs

  • Respecting different points of view

  • Child-minding disagreements

  • Dealing with the legacy of family dysfunction or violence

 Take the first step towards improved understanding and healthier family relationships…

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