Parenting Agreement Coaching

Recently separated? Does the thought of a long drawn out court battle give you cold sweats?
There is an alternative.

R eaching agreement around parenting can be stressful and often ends in conflict that is damaging for children. Northern Frontiers Mediation Cairns’ Parenting Agreement Coaching is a service that allows one parent to sit with an experienced Mediator to prepare a draft agreement that can be presented to the other parent for their consideration. This can focus the required discussions between parents on the ongoing care of their children and save extensive lawyer and court fees.

Northern Frontiers Mediation Cairns’ Parenting Agreement Coaching provides you with support throughout the family separation process and helps to keep the focus on important parenting issues such as Education; Time Spent with Each Parent; Religion/Cultural Considerations; School Holidays and Celebratory Times, Health and Recreational Activities.

Family Law is all about children’s rights and parental responsibilities. Put simply, children have a right to spend time with and be cared for by both parents and to be protected from harm. Parents are responsible for ensuring children’s rights are met. In most cases it is compulsory for families who disagree on arrangements for their children to engage in a dispute resolution process outside the court environment before asking a judge to decide matters for them.

Northern Frontiers Mediation Cairns’ Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP) are mediators accredited with the Attorney-General’s Department Canberra to provide dispute resolution services for families.  Our mediators will inform you about the family law system and assess whether your matter is appropriate for mediation.

Sometimes family disputes are assessed as not appropriate for mediation and court action is initiated by one or both parties to the dispute. It is not unusual, however, for a court to direct parents back to mediation at some stage. This is because family law assumes parents know their children best and are therefore well-placed to make decisions that are in their children’s best interest.

Having a well-prepared parenting proposal is important regardless of where you are within the family law system. If agreement is not reached outside of court, you can use your proposal to indicate what conditions you would like included on a court order.

Benefits Of Parenting Agreement Coaching:

Avoid or limit lengthy court proceedings

Save on expensive legal fees

Develop a well-considered proposal

Reduce parental conflict with clear guidelines for co-parenting

Help to give your child Routine, Regularity and Reliability


Parenting Agreement Coaching sessions are charged at $145.00 for a standard 50 minute session. Longer sessions can be arranged and flexible session times are available from 7am weekdays as well as Sunday mornings. Sessions can be in-person or via phone/video chat.


All Northern Frontiers Mediation Cairns’ coaching and mediation services are directed by the Family Law Act 1975 however we do not provide legal advice. Disputant parties are therefore advised to seek legal advice from a family law lawyer throughout the separation process.  We are able to provide referral details for experienced family law solicitors upon request.

Flexible Appointment Times:

In addition to normal business hours 7.30am – 5.00pm weekdays, Northern Frontiers Mediation & Counselling Cairns offers Sunday sessions between 8.00am – 1.00pm which means there’s no need to disrupt your work schedule. Out of hours appointments tend to fill fast so please book early. Simply call 1300 90 81 70 or email:

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