Professional Supervision
Professional Supervision is all about improving work practices and client safety through a developmental process of personal and professional growth. It involves a trusting relationship between you as the supervisee and your supervisor who offers understanding and expertise. The primary purpose of professional supervision is to evaluate and direct you in the provision of service to your clients. Supervisors must be suitably qualified with relevant experience, although not necessarily within the specific field of the supervisee. To be effective supervision must be both supportive and challenging and is largely directed by the self-identified needs of the supervisee. The supervision process typically involves regular hour-long confidential sessions (generally once a month) and can be undertaken on an individual or small group basis.

From an organisational perspective, professional supervision can be used as a tool to achieve workplace goals and objectives. These may include improving staff retention and organisational culture (seen as a learning organisation offering regular professional development) and promoting best-practice in the workplace by ensuring staff work safely and ethically.

From a client’s perspective, professional supervision reduces the risk of serious oversight or malpractice and encourages a more client-focussed service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who undertakes Professional Supervision?

In short, anyone working within the many ‘helping professions’ – this may include (but is not limited to):

  • Case Managers (government and NGOs)
  • Counsellors
  • Social Workers
  • Teachers
  • Priests/Clergy
  • Police Officers
  • Nurses
  • Ambulance Officers
  • What can I expect to gain from Professional Supervision?
    • Recurring opportunities for professional development through a trusting relationship that invites you to consider your work practices.
    • A safe space to self-reflect/assess strengths and tackle any perceived weaknesses (or areas requiring improvement)
    • The feeling of being understood, validated and supported
    • Opportunities to debrief and develop workload strategies that may enhance your practice
    • Information around self-care and time management
    • Guidance through ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest – setting boundaries
    • Invitations to ‘think outside the box’ and develop ‘strategic’ as opposed to ‘reactive’ practice strategies
    • Up to date research to ensure currency of practice
    • Alternative role modelling in practice
    • Practical advice around theory and practice in the real world
    • Opportunities to discuss and combat ways in which work impacts on you/your family or significant others
    • A sounding board for dilemmas around organisational versus client needs
    • Ideas for professional advancement and goal-setting
    • A sense of belonging to your professional community.
    How do I arrange Professional Supervision services?
    If you are a helping professional seeking professional supervision please contact Northern Frontiers to arrange a confidential assessment of your supervision needs on 1300 90 81 70, or email If you are an organisation or service provider seeking professional supervision for your staff please call the Managing Director, Alex Blake, on 0419 531 269 to discuss, or email
    How much can I expect to pay?
    Pricing: Individual sessions (typically 1 hour duration) $140. Group sessions are available – pricing on application.

    Confidentiality: Confidentiality is assured except when information received warrants notification to relevant authorities to protect someone from harm or to prevent commissioning of a crime. Your supervisor will discuss the boundaries of confidentiality during your first session.

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