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Property Mediation

Property Mediation is a process that can assist separated couples and families reach agreement about disputed property matters.  With Property Mediation, parties are encouraged to make decisions on how the common property pool can be equitably distributed between themselves.

Although this process has traditionally been handled by lawyers and the courts, the Family Law Courts now require separated parties to attempt Property Mediation prior to approaching court.  At Northern Frontiers Property Mediation, our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners & Property Mediators, are fully accredited, and section 60I certificates can be issued when appropriate for parenting matters, and a Proof of Mediation letter for property only matters.

Reaching agreement through Property Mediation can save both parties emotional distress, many months, and a considerable amount of money.  Plus, parties can mutually agree on their own outcome, rather than it being imposed on them by a court.  At Northern Frontiers Property Mediation clients can mediate in person (when the Mediator advises that it is appropriate), via phone or via videochat platforms like Zoom, MS Teams and Skype.  The intended outcome of Property Mediation is the development of a Record of Property Agreement, detailing how parties would like the property pool to be distributed and their financial relationship ended.  An application can then be made to court for a Binding Financial Agreement (and we encourage parties to receive legal advice/assistance with this).

Concerned your ex-partner won’t agree to mediation?

Click here to find out about our Parenting Agreement Coaching and Property Agreement Coaching services.  These can assist individual parties in generating customised proposals for you to present to the other party for their consideration.  This can save considerable time and legal fees.

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Divorce and separation, whether married or de facto, can be a time of great stress and uncertainty.

Separated couples who disagree about property matters are now legally required to make a genuine effort to resolve their differences through mediation prior to asking a court to decide (exemptions do apply).  Property Mediation (also referred to as Family Dispute Resolution) is a common, inexpensive form of dispute resolution, where an impartial third-person assists parties to have the required conversations around distributing their property pool equitably.

Northern Frontiers Property Mediation offers a range of family law mediation services via phone and videoconferencing platforms Australia-wide.  We pride ourselves on providing friendly, informed and professional property mediation services.

Is my dispute suitable for Property Mediation?

Australian Family Law Courts now require all separated couples that cannot decide on how to equitably distribute their common property pool to attempt Property Mediation.  The Court will require parties to demonstrated that they have attempted a dispute resolution process to resolve their matter.  Although a s60I certificate is only issued for parenting matters, for property only matters Northern Frontiers Mediation can issue a Proof of Mediation letter that you can include in your application to court to hear your matter.  A fee of $110.00 (including GST) per party is incurred for this letter, and we usually issue this within 24 hours.

Northern Frontiers Property Mediation can assist with a structured property mediation process.  This means that certain circumstances that may involve domestic violence, or acrimonious relations between parties, are till suitable for a Property Mediation process.  However, this is only when assessed as appropriate to proceed by the Mediator, and options such as phone or videochat (Zoom, MS Teams, Skype) without or without direct voice contact between parties, is explored.

Please discuss any concerns you have with the Client Services team, or with your Mediator during the individual Intake & Assessment session.

What happens if the other party does not join the mediation process?

Firstly, if the other party refuses to join the mediation process a letter indicating that mediation was attempted can sometimes be requested (fee applies).  This may indicate that you have started the mediation process (by doing your Intake & Assessment session) but for whatever reason the other party has not joined, and the process cannot continue.  If this does occur, you can still meet with one of our Mediators and generate a Property Agreement Proposal that can either be presented by yourself to the other party for their review, or used as a basis for any court/legal applications.  Please click here for more information on either our Property Agreement Coaching or Parenting Agreement Coaching service.

Who can start mediation?

Either party of a separated couple can commence, or initiate, a property mediation process.  Clients can advise the other party that they will, or would like to, commence a property mediation process, or you can rely on Northern Frontiers Mediation to do this as part of our formal process.  Some clients believe it will achieve a better result if they advise their ex-partner of the mediation process, whereas others prefer to limit direct contact with the other party and ask Northern Frontiers Mediation to assist.  Please discuss your preferences, and specific situation, with our Client Services team.

Is mediation expensive?

Northern Frontiers Mediation provides an inexpensive way of resolving your family dispute.  As a private mediation service provider, we offer streamlined processes – and that means personalised, prompt, affordable service for you. Pricing is set at less than half the hourly rate of most legal services. The more agreement reached through mediation, the less time and money you spend on legal fees and court costs.  For a full breakdown of our mediation costs click here to review our Property Mediation brochure.

The following is additional important information on our mediation process.

What is Property Mediation, or formally known as Family Dispute Resolution?

It’s really just a specialised form of family mediation.

Family law in Australia has undergone a number of changes in recent decades, with the introduction of compulsory mediation for separated couples being one of the most notable. Put simply, separated couples who cannot reach agreement around the equitable distribution of financial and property assets and liabilities are now legally required to make a genuine effort to resolve their dispute through family law mediation.  This is now a requirement prior to asking a court to decide things for them (exceptions do apply).

Northern Frontiers Property Mediation Cairns provides a neutral space, and an impartial Mediator, in which separated couples can discuss property issues with a view to developing a Record of Property Agreement that is both fair and equitable, and at less than half the hourly rate of a lawyer.

Family law mediators (also known as Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners) are legally obligated to remain impartial, provide information about family separation and create an environment in which parties can speak openly and honestly about their financial situation. All that is said in mediation remains confidential and cannot be used as evidence in any court in Australia (some limited exceptions can apply).

Essentially, Property Mediation can offer a way for separated couples to remain in control of their financial future.

Who can start Property Mediation?

Either party can start a Property Mediation process at Northern Frontiers Mediation.  Parties can advise the other party that they plan to commence, or already have, or they can let Northern Frontiers make contact.  The Australian Family Courts now require both parties to attempt mediation, for both parenting and property matters, prior to taking any matters to court.

Payment information for Family Law Mediation sessions

Unless advised prior it is assumed that both parties pay their own costs of the Property Mediation process at Northern Frontiers Mediation Cairns.  Pre-payment for any booked sessions is required at least two days prior to a session.  If more than 2 (two) business days notice is not given for cancellation, or there is a “No Show”, a 100% charge applies with no credits provided.  If you have booked a session as part of the Family Dispute Resolution process, funds are not refunded for any time that is not used during a joint Property Mediation session, for whatever reason.  It is at the discretion of the Mediator as to whether a credit is issued.  Northern Frontiers Property Mediation Cairns’ pricing includes the preparation of a Record of Property Agreement when required.

What is the process for Property Mediation at Northern Frontiers Cairns?

Northern Frontiers Property Mediation Cairns offers a staged mediation process as follows:

Step 1: Individual Intake & Assessment session between Party A and the Mediator. Permission sought to contact the other party and assess their willingness to mediate. If ‘Yes’ we proceed as follows…

Step 2: Individual Intake session between Party B and the Mediator.

Step 3:  Northern Frontiers Reception provides available mediation session times over the next two weeks and confirms a suitable time with both parties.

Step 4: 1st joint Property Mediation session is held.  This can be face-to-face, or via phone or videochat (MSTeams, Zoom etc).

Additional mediation sessions may be required depending on the number of agenda items and progress made in the 1st mediation session.

The Mediator records any agreement made in the form of a Record of Property Agreement. Both parties receive a copy of their agreement along with referral to legal advice as appropriate.


In some circumstances the Mediator may assess your matter as ‘not appropriate’ for mediation and issue a s60I certificate for parenting matters, and/or a Proof of Mediation letter for property only matters (fee applies for property only matters).  This may occur at any stage of the mediation process and because Mediators are bound by strict confidentiality requirements you are encouraged to direct any questions you may have about why your matter/s may not be appropriate for mediation.

Recommended Reading:

Julie Hodge, one of Cairns’ leading family law lawyers, recently published a book called ‘Moving On – What you need to know about Separation and Divorce’ in the hope it may assist people affected by family separation as they move through the family law system. For more information, or to purchase a copy, please click here.

Is Property Mediation expensive?

Property Mediation is intended to be an alternative to only relying on lawyers and Courts to resolve your matter.  As lawyers cost anywhere from $350 – $700 per hour, Northern Frontiers Property Mediation Cairns charges less than half these average rates.  This means you can save considerable money (often $1,000s) by utilising an impartial Mediator to assist in resolving your matters, rather than just lawyers (where each party requires their own).

Northern Frontiers Property Mediation Cairns is a family-owned and operated business offering prompt and confidential fee-for-service mediation to residents of Far North Queensland (including rural and remote) locations and Australia-wide via phone and videochat (MS Teams, Zoom).  Our clients can mediate from our Cairns North office (when appropriate), or from the comfort of your own home if you so wish.  No need to spend time and money on travel or disrupt your work week. We strive to keep fees low whilst still maintaining high quality, personalised service.

Is my matter appropriate for a formal Property Mediation process?

If you are separated, or in the process of divorcing, and cannot agree with your ex-partner on a fair and equitable distribution of your common assets a Property Mediation process may be required to assist.  Northern Frontiers Property Mediation Cairns believes every situation is unique which is why our services are personalised and tailored towards understanding and meeting your individual needs.

Please note:  Northern Frontiers Property Mediation Cairns does not provide legal or financial advice.  We encourage all parties, where possible, to seek this independent advice, and it is up to each client whether they disclose this advice during mediation.

Do I also need a lawyer or other professional advice?

Northern Frontiers Property Mediation Cairns recommends that both parties seek their own independent legal and/or financial advice.  It is not a requirement for you to disclose this advice during mediation, but the advice can assist in you being aware of how common property pools can be practicably distributed, and in a ‘fair and equitable way’.  This advice can also ensure that your Property Agreement is founded in current family law principles, and therefore more likely to be accepted by the Courts as part of receiving a Binding Financial Agreement.  If you require referral details for a suitably qualified family law lawyer please contact Northern Frontiers Reception or ask your Mediator.

How soon can I get started?

As soon as you like! The longest you might wait for an Intake and Assessment Session is normally 2 – 4 business days. This is your first formal step in taking control of your financial situation and you can move on with your life…

Appointment times:

For your convenience Northern Frontiers Mediation offers appointments from 7.30am weekdays.  Out of hours appointments are available on a case-by-case basis.  To enquire call 1300 90 81 70, text via mobile on 0419 531 269, email reception@northernfrontiers.com.au or use the online chat feature at the bottom right of this webpage.

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