Psychological Services

Including Mental Health Care Plans

It’s no secret…life can be challenging at times…traumatic or abusive experiences may leave us feeling overwhelmed…the loss of a loved one can be painful and difficult to overcome… living situations can be frustrating. Sometimes we develop symptoms like stress, anxiety or depression that impact on our ability to function…or we may find we’ve turned to gambling, unhealthy-eating, alcohol or drugs to seek relief…and that creates more problems…

Maintaining your Mental Health is Important

A Psychologist is a professional who specialises in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions using evidence-based interventions. You do not need a referral from a General Practitioner (GP) to see a Psychologist however you do need a Mental Health Care Plan from a GP, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician to claim rebates through the Medicare system.

Northern Frontiers Counselling Cairns offers psychological counselling and treatment for a range of everyday life issues affecting adults; teenagers; children; parents, families or couples. These may include:

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Grief and Loss

Anxiety and Depression

Eating Disorders

Sleep Problems

Drug Abuse

Panic Attacks


Relationship Breakdown


Mental Disorders

Problem Gambling

The symptoms of poor mental health vary greatly depending on an individual’s life situation and ability to cope. Put simply, if you or a loved one is feeling sad or down; confused or overwhelmed; fearful or withdrawn; having thoughts of self-harm or suicide; worrying excessively; experiencing low energy and/or sleep disturbance; using alcohol to excess or abusing prescription or illicit drugs, or feeling detached from reality (delusional) the first step is to visit your General Practitioner (GP). The GP will conduct a mental health assessment and, where appropriate, develop a Mental Health Care Plan and refer you to a Psychologist. The Mental Health Care Plan will specify what type of treatment you and your GP have agreed may benefit you and the goals you would like to achieve. For example, you may be feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Your Mental Health Care Plan would focus on learning how to achieve more of a work/life balance – maybe some time management and coping skills as well as strategies for managing stress. With your psychologist you would work towards achieving your goals and restoring your mental well-being.

If you have a Mental Health Care Plan you may be eligible for Medicare rebates – check with your GP about your eligibility. If you are eligible the government will provide you with a rebate (currently $84.80 for a General Psychologist visit) to cover part of the cost of seeing a psychologist for a prescribed number of sessions (usually 6 sessions to begin with). Additional sessions must be approved by your GP.

Psychological Services – with a Mental Heath Care Plan

  • You pay Northern Frontiers $90.20 ($175 – $84.80 = $90.20). Northern Frontiers claims the Medicare rebate.
  • You are limited to the number of sessions specified in your Mental Health Care Plan. If your Psychologist recommends additional sessions you must first consult your GP.

Psychological Services – Self-funded – without a Mental Health Care Plan

If you do not have a Mental Health Care Plan you can self-refer to a Psychologist. Making a booking is as simple as calling Northern Frontiers and arranging an appointment. A 50 minute session with a Psychologist will cost $175.00.

Counselling Services:

  • Individual Counselling Sessions – 50 minutes – $110 per session
  • Couples/Joint Counselling Sessions – 50 minutes – $130 per session

If you are unsure which service might best meet your needs please consult your GP or contact Northern Frontiers Reception on 1300 90 81 70 or email

Out of Business Hours Appointments: By appointment only.

You do not need a referral to see a Psychologist at Northern Frontiers however you will need a Mental Health Care Plan from a GP, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician if you wish to claim the Medicare rebate. A copy of your Mental Health Care Plan must be provided at the time of making an appointment if you intend to access the Medicare rebate.

To make an appointment simply call Reception on 1300 90 81 70 or email

Many life issues impacting on a person’s well-being can be addressed through counselling. Like Psychologists, Counsellors are health professionals who are experts in human behaviour and can assist in resolving emotional; relationship, mental or lifestyle issues. You can self-refer for counselling.

Northern Frontiers Mediation & Counselling Services offer counselling across the following fields: Individual and Couples; Child and Teenager, Parent-Adult Child and Pre-Marriage Counselling. Medicare rebates do not apply to counselling services.

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