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common mistake many couples make is waiting too long before seeking professional help when things go wrong. Sitting back hoping things will simply fix themselves runs the risk of one, or both, partners leaving the relationship for good.

At Northern Frontiers Counselling Cairns we understand that oftentimes the hardest part is admitting your relationship is in trouble and pinpointing exactly why. Amidst all the hurt, anger and frustration, it’s not easy to listen quietly to each other’s concerns and viewpoint. If we hear something that we don’t like we tend to stop listening and start building a defensive response. Then we fire it back at our partner causing conflict to escalate. If this happens again and again resentment grows…and love fades…


Listening for understanding is the key to improved communication…

Northern Frontiers Counselling Cairns’ senior counsellor, Melinda Bailey, has 20+ years counselling experience across a broad range of life issues. Relationship Counselling assists couples to deal with a variety of marriage and relationship issues using a therapeutic model called Emotion Focused Couples Therapy. Partners are invited to consider what they need from each other to be content in the relationship – then learn how to ask for them to be met. 

When that happens, we feel content and want to be around the person who is meeting our needs the way we need them met. Living too long with unmet needs however, causes us to experience a range of powerfully unpleasant emotions that eventually force us to consider going outside the relationship to satisfy them.

Northern Frontiers Counselling Cairns understands that an important part of relationship counselling is learning to how to listen for understanding. Most of us tend to assume we know what our partner needs. But unless you’ve actually sat down and asked your partner what they need from you then taken the time to listen carefully, you’re probably just making assumptions and acting on them.

What is the process for Relationship Counselling?

To begin the Relationship Counselling process the Counsellor needs to speak with both parties individually.  There are two options for this:

  • 2 x 15min individual Intake & Assessment phone calls: Cost is $45.00 each, or total of $90.00.
  • One or both partners can schedule a full 50min Individual Counselling session: Cost is $125.00 per person.  This is perfect for those that would like to discuss in depth with the Counsellor prior to scheduling a joint session.
        • Note: Both parties do not need to choose the same option above. It is what either of you are comfortable with.
  • Once these individual sessions are completed, and Melinda advises it is appropriate to continue, a joint session can be held:  Cost of a 50min session is $145.00.

Northern Frontiers Counselling Cairns also provides the following confidential and professional services:

What are our emotional needs?

Human emotional needs, such as Affection, Openness and Honesty, Sexual Fulfilment and so on…are our basic psychological driving forces. They may change throughout our life span, but they don’t change overnight – and they always demand to be met to our individual satisfaction. At Northern Frontiers Counselling Cairns our Relationship Counsellor will assist you in asking respectfully for what you need from each other. Understanding and meeting each other’s needs is a vital part of relationship repair work.

Relationship health depends on how well each partner’s needs are being met…

The process for commencing marriage and relationship counselling at Northern Frontiers Counselling Cairns is outlined below. It begins with individual Intake Sessions that enable the Counsellor to assess each partner’s readiness to speak openly and honestly in a joint session.

The process is as follows:

Intake & Assessment with Partner 1

15-20 minutes via phone – $45.00

Intake & Assessment with Partner 2

15-20 minutes via phone – $45.00

Joint Relationship Counselling Session

50 minute session (phone, videochat or office) – $145.00


Relationship Counselling can only involve joint sessions when both partners feel comfortable speaking openly and honestly in each other’s presence and the counsellor assesses it as appropriate.  Prior to a joint session a Counsellor must speak privately with each partner via an Intake phone call of up to 20 minutes.  This is your opportunity to provide background information and outline the issues you wish to discuss.  Intake calls cost $45.00 each.  Joint sessions are charged at $145.00 for 50 minutes.  Longer sessions are available by prior arrangement.

Joint sessions can be conducted in-person at our Cairns North office or via phone/video-chat (Zoom, FaceTime, MSTeams etc).  Either partner may request a 50-minute individual session (fee is $125.00) at any stage of the relationship counselling process.  Some people prefer to do a full 50-minute individual session instead of the Intake phone call.  This allows you to more fully explore the issues, prior to a joint/face-to-face session with your partner.

Appointments available from 8.00am weekdays.  Face-to-face sessions are only offered two days per week, and fill quickly.  If your issue is urgent please consider a phone or videochat option (FaceTime, Zoom, MSTeams etc) as counsellors are available 5 days per week instead of 2 days only for office/face-to-face sessions.

Flexible Appointment Times:

For your convenience Northern Frontiers Mediation & Counselling Cairns offers appointments from 8.00am weekdays.  Out of hours appointments are available on a case-by-case basis.  To enquire call 1300 90 81 70, send a text message to our direct client mobile on 0419 531 269, email reception@northernfrontiers.com.au or use the online chat feature at the bottom right of this webpage to speak with someone now.

Ready for a new direction?

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