Relationship Counselling

A common mistake many couples make is waiting too long before getting professional help when things go wrong. Sitting back and hoping it will improve on its own runs the risk of one, or both, partners emotionally vacating the relationship for good.

Oftentimes the hard part is admitting your relationship’s in trouble and pin-pointing exactly why. Amidst all the hurt and frustration, it’s not easy to listen quietly to each other’s concerns and point of view. What we tend to do is stop listening and start building a defensive argument. Then we fire it back at our partner causing conflict to escalate. When this continually happens resentment grows…and love fades away…

Listening For Understanding Is The Key To Improved Communication…

Northern Frontiers’ Senior Counsellor, Melinda Bailey, has 20+ years marriage and relationship counselling experience across a broad range of life issues and specialises in helping couples deal with a variety of marriage and relationship issues. Melinda uses a therapeutic model called Emotion Focused Couples Therapy in which partners are invited to consider what they need to be content in their marriage or relationship. We all have our own unique set of needs. When they are met to our satisfaction we feel content and seek to remain with the person who is meeting them. When our needs are not being met to our satisfaction we experience a range of powerfully unpleasant emotions that eventually cause us to consider going outside the marriage or relationship to have them met.

In marriage or relationship counselling partners learn to respectfully talk to each other about their individual needs and how they might best be met. They also learn how to listen for understanding…in this way the human tendency to assume we already know what our partner needs is removed…

What are our emotional needs?

Human emotional needs, such as our need for Affection; Openness and Honesty, Sexual Fulfilment and so on…are our basic psychological driving forces. They may change throughout our life-span but they always demand to be met – so in that sense they’re pretty much non-negotiable. Marriage and Relationship Counselling teaches you how to ask for what you need from each other and get your relationship back on track.

Marriage Or Relationship Well-Being Depends On How Well Each Partner’s Needs Are Met…

The process for commencing marriage and relationship counselling at Northern Frontiers is outlined below. It begins with individual Intake Sessions that enable the Counsellor to assess each partner’s readiness to speak openly and honestly in a joint session.

The process is as follows:

Intake and Assessment with Partner 1

1 – 15 minutes via phone – $40.00 prepaid

Intake and Assessment with Partner 2

1 – 15 minutes via phone – $40.00 prepaid


Marriage and Relationship Counselling can only involve joint sessions when both partners feel comfortable speaking openly and honestly in each other’s presence and the Marriage and Counsellor assesses it as appropriate. The fee for a joint session is $130.00 prepaid. Sessions typically last for 50 minutes. Extended session times can been arranged prior to session commencement.

Flexible Appointment Times:

For your convenience Northern Frontiers offers appointments from 7.30am – 4pm weekdays and from 8:30am Sundays – which means there’s no need to disrupt your work/life schedule. Out of hours appointments tend to fill fast so please book early to avoid disappointment. Booking is easy – simply call 1300 90 81 70 or email:

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