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Get back to business with Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Employer?  How do I organise an Employee Assistance Program?

If you believe your organisation could benefit from and Employee Assistance Program, or want to enquire as to the benefits of an EAP, simply make contact with us today.  our Managing Director, Alex Blake, is happy to discuss your needs, and prepare a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).  We do not believe in lengthy, lock-in contracts, and prefer to be as flexible with our partners as possible.  Email or call 1300 90 71 80 to discuss.

How many free sessions am I allowed?

At Northern Frontiers we provide professional counselling services for you and your immediate family members. Your organisation will advise you of the number of sessions you are entitled to free of charge. If you require additional sessions they can be self-funded or negotiated with your employer. Sessions typically last for 50 minutes. Extended sessions can be arranged through prior consultation with the Counsellor. Cancellations of less than 24 hours’ notice will count as one of your free sessions.

Will what I say be recorded or reported back to my employer?

No. Everything you talk about with the Counsellor is confidential. Any notes made by the Counsellor are for therapeutic purposes and will be securely stored. Case notes can only be accessed where required by Law. Your counsellor will hold all that you say in the strictest confidence.

Do I have to tell my employer I am seeing a counsellor?

No. All EAP counselling and support services are strictly confidential - which means no one in your workplace needs to know you are seeking help unless you choose to tell them.

What kind of issues can I talk about?

The purpose of EAP is to assist you and your family in dealing with any work-related or personal issue that may be impacting negatively on you and your work performance. The Counsellor can help you make sense of your situation by identifying problematic emotional and behavioural patterns that may be causing unhappiness – and assist you in replacing them with more positive ones. Or it may be that you need to find constructive ways of dealing with a situation that is beyond your personal control.

With newly acquired understanding and skills you or your family member will be better-equipped to break out of your pain by modifying your behaviour or encouraging others to treat you with care and respect. Life can be remarkably short and you don’t deserve to live it feeling miserable or mistreated.

How do I arrange an appointment?

To arrange counselling for yourself or an immediate family member simply call Northern Frontier's centralised appointment line on 1300 90 71 80 or email

Out of Hours Appointments: In addition to normal business hours 7.30am - 5.00pm weekdays, we offer weekend appointments on availability - which means there's no need to disrupt your work schedule. Out of hours appointments tend to fill fast so please book early to avoid disappointment. Simply call 1300 90 71 80 or email: