The Northern Frontiers Team

Alex Blake


Managing Director, Northern Frontiers Pty Ltd

Mobile: 0419 531 269

Alex has worked extensively in senior management roles of tourism-related companies, prior to establishing Northern Frontiers Service. He enjoys identifying commercial opportunities rather than getting lost on the myriad of challenges.

As with his previous senior sales and marketing roles, Alex juggles multiple projects simultaneously. Current projects include:

  • Progressively introducing Northern Frontiers’ phone and videoconferencing Family Law Mediation services to all Qld, NSW and Vic Family Law Practitioners.

  • Actively seeking additional professionals to join our growing Northern Frontiers Services platform, recently engaging a psychologist and child counsellor.

  • Cummings Economics: Working alongside owner Bill Cummings on numerous business feasibility and economic impact assessments for various commercial projects.

  • Reever & Ocean Developments: Working as Business Development Strategist for the owner of the proposed $640m KUR-World integrated resort development near Kuranda, QLD (June 2016 - present).

Melinda Bailey

Melinda Bailey

Senior Counsellor / Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Melinda has 20+ years counselling experience working with people from a broad demographic across a wide range of life issues.

Melinda credits her success as a counsellor to a wealth of varied professional and personal life experiences. 

Prior to expanding into private practice Melinda worked for both government and non-government community welfare organisations in various roles including Probation Officer, Correctional Counsellor and Family & Relationship Counsellor. Once, when things got too stressful at work, Melinda took time out of her career and laboured on a Far North Queensland banana farm in the middle of a very tropical summer. She jokingly refers to it as her 'Extreme Stress Management Technique!'

In the 1980’s, as a young mother of four, divorce threw Melinda into the unenviable role of single-parent. Upon reflection Melinda describes it as 'the hardest, most rewarding time of my life'. 

Perhaps because of her life experiences Melinda credits herself with an abundance of empathy and boasts of being 'bullet-proof' - "People tell me all sorts of things and I'm always okay with that - I like listening to their stories and hearing how they've coped'.

In addition to tertiary qualifications in counselling and interpersonal communication skills, Melinda is a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner who loves helping separated families develop parenting and property agreements that ‘their children may never feel the need to recover from'. 

Lydia Gah

Lydia Gah Portrait2 5cm.jpg

Child Consultant,  Counsellor and Professional Supervisor

Lydia has over 15 years’ experience working in diverse roles in the fields of Community Program Development, Family Law Mediation, General Counselling and Project Coordination.  

A wealth of professional and personal experience has been acquired while performing these very diverse roles across Australia and Papua New Guinea.

In more recent years Lydia established her own consultancy business, namely offering holistic wellness services...

...and in 2018 Lydia joined the Northern Frontiers Mediation & Counselling platform as a Child & Teenage Counsellor and Family Law Child Consultant.

In addition to this Lydia offers Professional Supervision across a range of professions including (but not limited to) Family Dispute Resolution; Counselling, Social Work and Child and Youth Services.

Lydia prides herself on her ability to build and sustain strong relationships with clients, co-workers and stakeholders in small to large organisations across Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Northern Frontiers welcomes Lydia's genuine care-giving attributes that make people feel instantly at ease. Her unique way of demonstrating understanding and empathy is comforting for people who find themselves in distressing situations.

These attributes, coupled with Lydia's warmth and unconditional positive regard for all, make her a valuable addition to Northern Frontiers' platform of caring professionals.  

Werner Rindlisbacher

Werner Rindlisbacher.jpg
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Northern Frontiers is proud to announce the launch of its psychological services from our growing platform of dedicated professionals - and in so doing welcome Werner Rindlisbacher to the team.

Werner's career as a Psychologist began in Community Mental Health where he gained extensive experience assessing and managing a wide range of mental health conditions including anxiety, depression and crisis intervention for people experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Werner has worked with a broad spectrum of clients from various socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicities including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

A key strength is Werner's ability to quickly establish rapport with his clients. He is an eclectic therapist well versed in the knowledge and application of multiple therapeutic models including Narrative Therapy; Action Commitment Therapy; Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Interactive Drawing Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.    

Werner also boasts a wealth of life experience and is a long-term resident of Far North Queensland. He is available to implement Mental Health Care Plans via the Medicare scheme and to provide Child Consultancy Services for our Child-Inclusive Family Dispute Resolution practice. 

For further details of Werner's experience, skills and abilities please review his LinkedIn Profile:



Karen McArthur


Business Manager / Graphic Designer

Mobile: 0438 365 434


Karen supports Northern Frontiers with graphic design, marketing and administration services.

With a background in tourism, office management, administration and graphic design & marketing, Karen's wide ranging experience puts her in good stead to tackle challenges and adapt to new skills.

Recent appointments have included Graphic Design, Marketing & Administration Support with Reever & Ocean Developments; Area Supervisor with the Australian Bureau of Statistics during the 2016 Census; Executive Support to the management team at the Comfort Hotel Perth City. 

Much of her career has been hospitality focused with employment in management roles for over 12 years with All Seasons Hotels & Resorts in Western Australia (acquired by Accor Hotels).

Properties with which she was involved include Cable Beach Club Broome, West Beach Lagoon, Sorrento Beach Resort & Observation Rise Apartment Hotel.

After leaving All Seasons, Karen pursued a career in graphic design & marketing and has run her own business since 1999. She also owns and manages The Harvester Home & Annex, a resort style, short term accommodation property located on the city fringe and provides assistance to small businesses with initial setup and ongoing support.

A combination of diverse skills has complemented job roles such as office manager and personal assistant within the building and property development fields; general manager, payroll and HR coordinator, administration & marketing manager and graphic designer within the hospitality industry.



"A frontier represents uncharted territory. It could be a remote piece of land or a new field of study,

but if someone calls it "the frontier," you are challenged to explore it"